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If you’re an author, coach, SaaS, or service business owner struggling to figure out the most reliable, organic, and growing digital marketing strategy, listen up.

Your business needs a podcast.


Because podcasting will help you pull 3 valuable growth levers, that can push your business to newer heights, heights you haven’t seen before.

Here are those 3:

Growth Lever #1 – It will help you transform your business into a brand.
Growth Lever #2 – It will position you as a thought leader in your industry.
Growth Lever #3 – It will help you reach your target audience right when they’re highly focused.

If this is something you want to achieve in your business, keep watching.

Podcasting is more reliable than paid advertising, organic like SEO, and a growing channel like social medias.

With a podcast, you’ll be able to build relationships with the whales in your industry. The big guys, and your biggest prospective customers, just by inviting them to be a guest on your podcast.

This free course, brought to you by Podcast Buffs, helps you understand how to start a podcast, and pull those three growth levers in your business.

We cover everything from how to start a podcast, how to structure it, how to record your episodes, how to edit your episodes easily, how to host your podcast, how to promote to reach your target audience, all using our PREP framework.

PREP Stands for:

P – Prepare

R – Record

E – Edit

P – Promote

But, mastering the art of podcasting (building an audience/making it profitable) takes more than just passion, opinion, and a fancy microphone.

To excel, you need the right information and the right plan. And that’s where this course comes in. This is an actionable course; at the end of every chapter, I ask you to do a few simple and easy tasks.

And by the end of this course, my promise to you, is that:

  1. You’ll launch your own podcast.
  2. You’ll have guests lined up, to be interviewed on your episodes, and
  3. You’ll have a listener base eagerly waiting for your next episode.

By the time you’ve completed this course, my goal is to equip you with a plan that works with your already busy schedule.

I’m Praveen Telu, founder of PodcastBuffs, and I’m here to help you, navigate the exciting world of podcasting.

Let’s get started!

Fast-track your way to podcasting success — whether you’ve been trying to grow your show or you’ve never recorded anything before.

Why the PREP Framework?

Here are the 4 reasons.

REASON #1 – Carefully Curated Content with Years of Experience.

This course is created by a team of professionals, who have immense knowledge in podcasting. We’ve been in the Podcasting industry for years, and we know exactly how to build a successful podcast.

The chapters we create and the data we show, come from in-depth research and our own professional podcasting experiences.

We’ve seen TONS of podcasts grow from an idea to successful shows. We’ve analyzed everything that we have picked up along the way, and structured it into easily digestible chapters, so you can create a successful podcast, without going through the treacherous process of trial and error.

REASON #2 – Focus on ROI.

There might be plenty of podcasting courses that talk about how to start your podcast and get your first few episodes out.

But this course focuses on ROI, the growth your business gets, for the investment you make in podcasting.

Our chapters and tasks, are geared towards helping you reach prominent people in your industry, build a raving listener base, and strategically generate visitors, leads, consultation calls and sales with every episode you release.

REASON #3 – Comprehensive and Updated.

The goal of our course is to be the most comprehensive, and updated resource for everything related to podcasting.

From the basic setup of your podcast, to the latest trends in podcasting, we cover everything. Discover all the podcasting tips, tricks, methods, and tools used by the best podcasters out there.

REASON #4 – Easy to Follow.

Whether you’re just starting out in podcasting or you’ve never heard about it, the chapters in this course are actionable, and easy to follow.

By following the plan laid out in this course, you’ll be WAY ahead of most of your competitors.

We focused on clear and concise content that answers most (if not all) of your podcasting questions.

We also have a free Facebook community of podcasters, just like you, who are getting started with their own podcasts. With this course, you’ll also get access to that community, where you can ask questions, update your progress and get help.

Podcasting is a marketing medium on the rise. It’s the future. And the sooner you mark your presence in this, the better.

We will be progressively releasing the chapters highlighted in the PREP Framework™.

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Learn How to Build a Podcast that Gets you Business Results.

Now that you know what this framework is about and why you should care, let’s dive into the structure and where to find the information you need.

The PREP Framework is divided into 4 modules.

Each module talks about different stages in podcasting; while I recommend you to start from module #1, you can start this course at any module, depending on the stage you’re currently at.

Let’s talk about each module.


This module will get you started on the right foot, and set you up for podcasting success.

We help you turn your idea into a podcast, that’s best positioned for success. Learn how to podcast while maneuvering the common pitfalls and leveraging the industry best practices.

Topics we cover in this module are:

By the end of module #1, you’ll have your podcast title, podcast description, cover art created, you’ll also have a clear idea about the type of episodes you’d want to make, and a strategy set up to automatically start outreaching your guests.


In this module, you’ll learn how to record a high-quality episode.

From presenting like a pro, entertaining your guests, keeping your listeners engaged, to capturing the highest possible audio quality.

Discover all the tools, tech, and skills you need to get killer audio every time – including what you should do before, during, and after recording.

Topics we cover in this module are:

By the end of module #2, you’ll have your first episode, which is entertaining, packed with interesting questions, and, of course, recorded at the highest quality possible.


How you deliver your audio content to your audience could make or break the success of your business podcast. Your listeners expect the best quality with every podcast episode. They’re unwilling to settle on decent; they want a great show. And this is where podcast editing and post-production come in.

Podcast editing can radically transform your show. This module shows you how to give your episodes that little extra love. You’ll learn how to make your show sound professional and polished, — from simple audio production, to outsourcing, to podcast editing services.

Topics we cover in this module are:

By the end of module #3, you’ll create a great intro and outro for your episodes, edit or get it edited, and write show notes that encourage your listeners to listen to your episode.


You’ve done the heavy work of recording and editing your show to sound great. Now it’s time we help you get across the finish line.

The topics we cover in this module are:

By the end of module #4, you’ll publish your podcast, along with your first episode. You’ll start your process of listing your podcast on directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and google podcasts for maximum reach.

BONUS MODULE: Lead Generation Techniques.

Ah, yes! The question on most of your minds is how to generate leads with podcasts. I will cover all the strategies that help you naturally generate leads, without coming out as pushy to your audience.

Plus, the latest tricks and tips for lead generation, without annoying your listeners.

The topics we cover in this module are;

By the end of the framework, you’ll know how to use case studies, offers, and lead magnets to generate leads from your podcast.

You’ll also have a WhatsApp/SMS system setup, so your listeners can just message you to subscribe to your offer.

We do this so that your listeners DON’T have to pause your episode and go to your landing page to opt-in, drastically reducing your conversion rates. Instead, they’ll send you a message to opt-in while they’re on the go.

That’s it! Each module and chapter have its own tasks and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to execute them.

If you got stuck at any point, you have our FREE Facebook Community to help you. You can always ask a question in our Facebook group, and I, along with other members, will answer your questions and fix your problems.

I’m excited for you! I’d love to see what you’ll create using this course.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, get started by doing the following.

Step #1 – ????Send a DM to me on Facebook or LinkedIn;
Step #2 – ????Bookmark this course.
Step #3 – ????Click on the first chapter and start reading.

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