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“What should I name my podcast?”

Is a question that’s as exciting as it is onerous. It’s a task that could catapult your show to greater heights down the road. A B2B podcast name could be the difference between a potential client scrolling past your show in a flash and getting hooked as a loyal listener.

Finding that name is a crucial step in creating a successful business podcast—and one that you cannot skimp on or take lightly. It’s one of those decisions that could make or break your podcasting for business ambitions.

Hung up on what you should name your podcast? Looking for inspiring ideas for podcast names? We understand that it’s a technical and creative challenge.

This guide will show you how to come up with podcast names, the dos & don’ts, and how you can leverage free podcast names generators for podcast name ideas.

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Why are B2B Podcast Names Important

The “don’t judge a book by its cover” narrative may have virtuous underpinnings, but the reality is that humans are wired to draw assumptions from the first impression.

A podcast name is basically the first indication of your podcast, who you are, and what you have to offer. It’s the first impression that ‘lures’ and entices potential listeners to give you a try.
When scrolling through a sea of podcasts in a directory, the podcast name and cover art are the main determinants of where your finger will land. And with over 2 million podcasts competing for listeners’ attention, you have to stand out.

Infographic on “Number of Podcasts and Podcast Growth”

The numbers show that podcasting for business is a lucrative industry with an even brighter future. But you must position your B2B podcast strategically to fully capitalize on the opportunities. And this starts with a good name.

Some benefits of finding a great podcast name for your brand include:

  • It boosts your discoverability through SEO optimization
  • Plays an essential role in targeting and attracting the right kind of listeners
  • Makes the show easier to promote
  • Sets or complements the tone of your brand
  • Gives listeners a peek into your show

How to Come Up with a Podcast Name – The Dos.

How to Come Up with a Podcast Name – The Dos.

Struggling to come up with a smashing business podcast name? Are you looking to stir your creative juices with some great ideas for a podcast name?

The importance of podcast names is clear. But finding one is easier said than done. The general idea is to use a limited number of words to create something compelling, descriptive, and creative enough to stop your target audience from scrolling further.

Here’s a guide on how to come up with a B2B podcast name.

1. Use the Existing Brand Name – Keep it Simple.

Does your existing brand name translate into a great podcast name? If so, you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out how to come up with a podcast name for your show; it’s already done for you.

On top of making your name search more straightforward, it makes sense to keep things consistent. Think of the podcast as an extension of your business or brand. Clients and prospects can easily look you up across different platforms.

2. Convey the Tone and Message of Your Brand.

How to Come Up with a Podcast Name – The Dos

Podcasting for business demands a certain level of professionalism from the get-go. Your B2B podcast’s tone and personality should be authentic and unique to your business profile.

Think about the character and values of your brand; what tone would best reflect that?

Brainstorm podcast name ideas that align with the vision and message of your brand. Be descriptive. Be creative. And maintain the theme or tone in every episode’s podcast title.

3. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Your B2B podcast—just like your business—is all about the target audience. Using your listeners as the muse to inspire ideas for a podcast name helps ensure whatever you settle on engages and connects with them.

Think about what your ideal listeners would expect and like to see as the name of their favorite business podcast. What resonates best with them? Find podcasting name ideas that relate to their tastes, interests, goals, habits, etc.

And since your podcast listeners are likely the same people you’re trying to sell to, a good place to start is by picking the brains of your existing customer base.

4. Check Out the Competition.

Sometimes the answer to “What should I name my podcast?” lies with the competition. ‘Peep’ at similar B2B podcasts in your genre or niche to get ideas for a podcast name. But stay original and authentic.

The idea is to kickstart your creative gears by seeing what is already out there and what works. Not to copy and step on other podcasters’ toes, but to make your show stands out from the crowd.

Also, do a deep dive to ensure the podcast name you choose isn’t already there. Check podcast directories, Google, social media, and even domain availability.

5. Specific and Short Does It.

When brainstorming podcast name ideas, find ways to get to the point ASAP! But be as descriptive as possible in those few words.

Here’s why:

In a 2019 survey of nearly 660,000 podcasts conducted by Pacific Content, the researcher found that “75% of all podcast titles are 29 characters or shorter”—with the most successful shows (Apple Podcasts US Top 200) averaging 22.6 characters.

75% of all podcast titles are 29 characters or shorter
Short, catchy, and accurate podcast names seem to position your B2B podcast better for success. It’s easier to search on directories and more memorable for listeners. Longer podcast names can also be clipped on popular podcast apps, which isn’t easy on the eye.

6. Make it Memorable and Easy on the Tongue.

Did you know that 22.1% of podcast listeners find new shows through recommendations by friends? Consider how your podcast name will spread by word of mouth. Will your listeners be able to easily recall and recommend your show to their contacts?

Ensure the podcast name is easy to pronounce, spell, and memorize. Use catchy phrases and simple words that make it easier for listeners to spread the word.

7. Use Keywords – Boost Searchability.

Search engine optimization plays an important role in podcast discoverability. It’s estimated that 52.6% of listeners find new shows by searching a podcast directory.

So, in addition to coming up with catchy podcast name ideas, think of how you can factor in keywords to help potential listeners find your content – whether on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or any other directory.

But avoid keyword stuffing and review keyword guidelines by popular podcast directories. For example, Apple explicitly warns hosts against inflating their podcast names/titles with keywords.

“If you make your title a long list of keywords in an attempt to game podcast search, your podcast will be removed from the Apple directory.”

Things to Avoid in Podcasting Names – The Don’ts.

Coming up with the perfect name for your business podcast can be a taxing journey lined with easy-to-miss pitfalls.

Part of learning how to come up with a podcast name is knowing what to steer clear of. Here are some common podcast naming mistakes to avoid:

1. Offensive Words.

Most podcast directories frown upon the use of offensive language and expletives in your podcast name.

Using such words puts you at risk of violating podcast directories’ content guidelines. It might also backfire on you when the audience doesn’t take too kindly to it.

2. The Redundancy of the Word “Podcast”.

You have severely limited space to communicate what your podcast is about. Don’t waste this scarce real estate by adding the term “podcast” to your show’s name. It doesn’t tell the listeners much, making it almost always redundant.

You’re better off using words that capture the tone of your podcast and improve your discoverability.

Most listeners already know they’re looking at a podcast from the context. Maybe they came across it in a podcast directory, or they know you run a podcast.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • Podcast whose subject is podcasting – e.g., How to Start a Podcast Free.”
  • When you’re already using the podcast name in another medium.

3. Grammar Pitfalls, Special Characters, and Abbreviations.

Ambiguous podcast names can be a speedbump to the all-important word-of-mouth discoverability.

Odd abbreviations, special characters, and misspellings (intentional or not) make it hard for existing listeners to recommend your show and for new listeners to find you.

Also, be very careful with irritating grammar mistakes such as “they’re vs. there vs. their.” Such slips make you appear unprofessional. And when podcasting for business, this is like shooting your own leg.

4. Sneaking Words After Podcast Names.

Adding keywords after your podcast name used to be a great way to boost the SEO of your show without compromising your creativity. For example, “Podcasting Mastered | How to Start a Podcast Free | Podcasting for Business Tips and Tricks.”

But podcast directories are increasingly taking a dim view of such practices, which aim to game the system.

5. Using Your Name.

Avoid naming your podcast after yourself. It may seem like a good idea at first, but you must consider the long-term repercussions.

Being the face of the show means that it’s chained to you. Any attempts to bring in another host or sell the business podcast would be a branding nightmare.

Generic podcast names give you the freedom to maneuver seamlessly in the event that your show or business skyrockets and you need to take the next step.

Only use your name when you are an established creator with an existing audience.

Free Podcast Names Generator – Get Ideas for Podcast Name.

Free Podcast Names Generator – Get Ideas for Podcast Name

Podcast name ideation is a crucial step in your podcasting for business. But it’s not always a walk in the park; there are creative and technical roadblocks that you need to take on or dodge.

This guide on how to come up with a podcast name should ease your headaches. But if you’re still racking your brain trying to come up with the perfect name, consider leveraging podcast name generators for some inspiration.

Podcast name generators are a simple, fast, and effective way of coming up with podcast name ideas that are relevant and catchy.

As the name implies, a podcast name generator is a tool that automatically generates podcast names based on details such as your niche, genre, target audience, etc. You simply type in a few keywords, and they churn out hundreds of ideas for a podcast name.

Here are some free podcast names generators to try out:

Bottom Line – What Should I Name My Podcast?

There’s a lot on the line and a lot to consider when coming up with the perfect B2B podcast name. Your goal should be to find a name that gives you the best odds of being found by the right people.

Choose something memorable, descriptive, SEO-friendly, and conveys the tone of your brand. The perfect podcast name is one that works for you and your target audience.

But don’t spend too much time asking, “what should I name my podcast?” that you never launch your show. If the task turns out to be too arduous or time-consuming, consider taking advantage of some of the free podcast name generators available.

And remember, your podcast name is not set in concrete. You can always tweak and tinker with the wording as your needs change.

We hope you now have a decent idea of how to come up with a podcast name that is as superb as the content you’ll be dishing out.

Stay tuned for the next post in our “Podcasting Mastered” series as we explore podcast branding—including logo creation, covert art, and everything in between.

Don’t know where to begin? Well, we advise you to start by understanding the common podcasting myths and pitfalls to ensure you don’t fall into the traps that lead to so many unsuccessful podcasts.

We talk more about this in the next post of our “Podcasting Mastered” series.