Meet The PodcastBuffs Team

Get to know the people who are committed to helping you grow your show.

James Sowers

Owner of PodcastBuffs
Since acquiring PodcastBuffs in May 2023, James has focused on leading our sales, marketing, and service design efforts.

Rhea Anadeo

Operations & Client Success
Rhea keeps the operation running smoothly and makes sure that every client gets our very best level of service.

Anuja Singh

Audio Engineer
Anuja has experience working directly on projects for clients like Disney, Audible, and BBC Studios. Love movies? You’ll love Anuja.

Smrutiranjan Das

Audio Engineer
Ranjan is another talented editor, with a film school degree and plenty of agency experience on his resumé.

Praveen Telu

Founder of PodcastBuffs
Praveen was the original founder of PodcastBuffs and set the business up for success before handing the reins over to James.