If you’ve been following through our “Podcasting Mastered” course, you might be aware that high-quality audio is a non-negotiable among most podcast listeners—and as a result, “producing a quality podcast” is already a top priority for your competition.

What all this tells you is that you CAN’T afford to put out sub-par audio quality. You must double down on editing podcasts yourself or tap into the professional experience of some of the best podcast editing services. We know the stakes are high—but you can match up to the hefty expectations and even stand out.

If you choose to take the do-it-yourself route, ensure you employ the best practices for podcast producing and editing (we have a beginner-friendly step-by-step tutorial for that). But if partnering with a podcast editing service is your best option (and it usually is for most podcasters), you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. And this lesson will focus on showing you exactly how.

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Do I Need a Podcast Editing Service?

Why should you hire a podcast editing service? Is it a worthwhile investment?

Well, the answers to these questions depend on your individual circumstances. But a significant number of podcasters we’ve encountered believe partnering with a podcast production company is one of the best choices they’ve ever made for their show.

Other podcasters aside, what do YOU stand to gain from outsourcing tasks in your podcast-producing workflow?

1. The Best Podcast Editing Services Guarantee High-Quality Sound. ????

The Best Podcast Editing Services Guarantee High-Quality Sound.

You want your show to succeed, right? High-quality sound is a key ingredient that is a non-negotiable in your success formula.

Poor sound quality is like shooting yourself in the foot. Amateur audio negates all the effort you put into creating informative, unique, and interesting content.

You must understand that listeners are investing valuable time in consuming your B2B podcasting content. Few people (if any) will be willing to sit through endless “Ahhs,” awkward pauses, and distracting background noises. Every extra second they spend trying to figure out inaudible content is an incentive to switch off and move on elsewhere—regardless of how good your content is.

Editing podcasts on your own and producing high-quality sound is entirely possible. But podcasting production services offer years of experience and the necessary resources to deliver the highest quality audio possible. The outcome? You get to sound professional like all the top-rated podcasts out there.

Working with some of the best podcast editing services simply makes your content shine. It leaves you better positioned to grab listeners’ attention and keep them engaged.

2. Podcast Production Services Handle the Technicalities. ????

Podcast Production Services Handle the Technicalities.

AAC, WAV, or MP3? Constant or variable bit rate? -10 LUFS or -19 LUFS? How to eliminate annoying reverb without adversely affecting the flow of the conversation? So many questions! There are tons of details that go into turning raw recordings into polished podcasts your listeners will enjoy.

Editing podcasts can be tedious! It can be highly technical! And it will definitely make you scratch your head from time to time as you attempt to navigate the increasingly advanced DAWs or audio editing software.

Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to. Why sweat the little stuff when you can have an audio editing service on speed dial?

Offloading technical aspects of your podcast producing workflow to a podcast production company saves you the stress of learning and re-learning the ever-evolving best practices for editing podcasts.

3. Audio Editing Services Facilitate Consistency. ????

Audio Editing Services Facilitate Consistency.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply publish all your podcast episodes on time? And in the same top-notch quality every single time?

The best podcast editing services have spent years refining their podcast editing skills. They’ve seen pretty much everything in terms of audio recordings. This wealth of experience means they have what it takes to produce high-quality content CONSISTENTLY.

Hiring podcast production services is like hitting the bull’s eye repeatedly. No bad days. No background noises sneaking through or any other random mishaps. Just professional sound with every episode you put out.

This means you’ll have better odds of attracting new listeners and retaining the existing audience—and who doesn’t want that?

4. Podcast Production Companies Save your Time. ⏳

Podcast Production Companies Save your Time.

“Time is money” and “Lost time is never found again.” These quotes by Benjamin Franklin ring true for every aspect of our lives.

When it comes to editing podcasts, are you spending more time than you need to? Editing podcasts can be time-consuming without extensive experience in audio engineering and access to the best resources.

And think about the opportunity cost. Are there better ways you could be spending your time? What are you foregoing? If you’re into B2B podcasting, you likely have a lot on your hands—from hosting your show to actually running your business. The last thing you need is to be distracted and frustrated by hours of podcast post-production.

Hiring a podcast production company pays for itself in the valuable time you get to save and focus on more meaningful or impactful tasks. Use the extra time and energy to focus on the content. Strategize, find new guests, and record more.

5. Podcast Editing Services Boost Your Growth. ????

Podcast Editing Services Boost Your Growth.
It’s the boom time for audio content. Podcasting has seen tremendous growth in the last few years due to a number of drivers, including increased investment from companies like Spotify and the proliferation of shows.

According to 2022 figures by Insider Intelligence, there are over 420 million podcast listers around the globe, and podcasting is projected to surge into a $94.88 billion industry by 2028.

There’s no better time to establish your voice in the booming podcasting industry. The question is: Are you well positioned to capitalize on this gold mine?

Having some of the best podcast editing services in your corner ensures lousy sound quality does not stunt your growth. It gives you time to pour your resources and energy into strategizing your way to the top. You get to divide and conquer!

12 of the Best Podcast Editing Services.

12 of the Best Podcast Editing Services

Ready to elevate your podcast from good to great? Ready to make your mark in the lucrative podcasting industry?

As an ambitious podcaster, you want to launch the best quality podcast in a manner that is as seamless and effective as possible. This means partnering with a podcast production company that aligns with your goals and vision.

Tapping into the expertise and experience of podcast production companies is an ace up your sleeve. It might mean the difference in turning your podcast production process into a well-oiled machine. It might allow you to churn high-quality content your audience will love like clockwork.

But not all audio editing services are created equal. Some align with what you need better than others. And whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting your podcast, you’re likely weary of trusting your show to someone else.

We understand that the last thing you want is to invest money in podcast production services that don’t make the cut. You need to get your money’s worth!

For this reason, we’ve leveraged our years of experience and know-how in the podcasting industry to narrow down on a dozen of the best podcast editing services so you don’t have to.

1. Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting’s ideal clientele comprises industry leaders looking to create world-class podcasts. To quote the podcast production company, “Starting and managing podcasts for die-hard leaders is what we do.”

They guide new and aspiring podcasters in everything from setting up their shows (for $2,999), strategizing your podcast for a successful launch ($5,999), and professional production.

Like other companies in this list of the best podcasting editing services, Cashflow Podcasting expertly handles all the technical, time-consuming stuff so you can focus on more impactful tasks.

Services Include:

  • Professional audio editing
  • Audio branding
  • Audio mastering
  • ID3 keyword tagging
  • Show notes
  • Tweetable quotes
  • Featured image
  • Audio uploading
  • Episode publishing on your site
  • Quality review


Podcast production services at Cashflow Podcasting go for $1199 per month—with a $1 trial episode to ensure they’re a great fit for your needs.

What Makes Cashflow Podcasting a Top Audio Editing Service?

Cashflow Podcasting is admittedly one of the most expensive podcast editing services on this list. Still, they justify their pricing with a wide range of high-quality deliverables.

2. PodcastBuffs


We are a team of skilled and experienced audio enthusiasts, talented content writers, and producers who want to see your business podcast succeed as much as you do. Now, why should you consider working with us?

1. Guaranteed Top-Notch Quality from a Talented Team:

Partnering with us gives you access to the very best of industry expertise to give your show the competitive edge it needs to stand out from the crowd. Whether you need basic or advanced podcast editing, our in-house audio engineers and content writers got you covered.

We’re professionally trained in audio engineering and have a track record of paying keen attention to detail—meaning your podcast is in the right hands. And as a testament to our confidence in our work, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

2. Individualized Approach:

One of the key perks of the team at PodcastBuffs is our customer-focused approach. We go out of our way to understand and match your style by listening to at least 2 of your best episodes. Why? Because we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your show. We treat all podcasters (big or small, beginner or seasoned) as a family.

Our goal is to help you grow your audience. We play our part by backing you up with our specialized high-end podcast editing services that are designed to keep the listener experience at the forefront. This means constant communication to answer questions, address concerns, and advise on the best way forward at every stage.

3. Reliability and Dependability:

Succeeding in the B2B podcasting industry means delivering high-quality episodes regularly. Listeners expect you to meet certain standards with no fail. The issue is that most podcast editing services outsource or cycle your editing tasks between different editors.

This can result in frustrating inconsistencies, which is why we ensure you get the same editor every time. This is someone who will learn and master all the subtle nuances that make your content unique.

4. Simple, Clear, and Affordable Pricing: 

We believe in optimizing our clients’ value for money. This means delivering podcasts that are good enough to compete with the very best in the game, all at an affordable price. You won’t find hidden charges. But you may come across a discount.

“Quality editing, well-done show notes, fair pricing, reasonable turnaround times. PodcastBuffs has been reliable and helped me release my podcast episodes much, much faster.”

—Michael Max, Qiological Podcast

Our Services Include:

  • Add intros, Ads, music beds, and outros
  • Audio cleaning
  • Video podcast editing
  • Contextual and structure editing
  • ID3 metadata tagging
  • Synch multi-tack channels
  • SEO-optimized show notes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Audiograms and quote cards for marketing
  • A free podcast name generator
  • A free podcast music library


Pricing starts at $49 per episode with optional add-ons for show notes and marketing material. And you can claim a 30% discount on your first order to get you started on the right foot.

What Makes PodcastBuffs a Top Audio Editing Service?

We are a premier podcast production company willing to go the extra mile for you. Think of us as a coach, fans, and support staff all in one. Our offering is a rare blend of top-notch quality, personable support services, and affordability. We hope to be the ideal partner to take your show to the next level (and the next level after that).

3. Castos

The seasoned audio engineers at Castos offer a fully managed podcast production process. They claim that your only responsibility is to record your episode and send it to them. They’ll take care of the rest—from editing podcasts to creating marketing material.

Podcast-producing activities aside, Castos is big on environmental conservation. The podcast production company takes proactive efforts, including working remotely, running entirely on renewable energy, and capturing carbon emissions.

Services Include:

  • Audio mixing
  • Complete audio engineering
  • Contextual editing
  • Video podcast editing
  • Show notes
  • Transcription
  • Marketing material


Audio editing services start at $75 per episode for basic editing.

What Makes Castos a Top Audio Editing Service?

Castos is a good option if you’re looking to publish your podcast episodes on auto-pilot. And although they are not the cheapest, they are relatively affordable.

4. Resonate Recording

Resonate Recording

Founded in 2014, Resonate Recordings has grown into a reputable podcast production company banking on a capable team of the best in audio editing technology.
While we’re focusing on their podcast editing services, Resonate Recordings markets itself as an all-in-one podcast management platform. They offer several additional services such as podcast marketing, launch services, and remoted recordings under one roof.

Services Include:

  • Remove unwanted audio distractions
  • Remove unwanted sections
  • Clean background noise
  • Enhance audio quality
  • Music beds
  • Basic sound design
  • Intros, ads, and outros


Basic editing starts at $69 per episode for independent podcasters or $449 for businesses and organizations.

What Makes Resonate Recordings a Top Audio Editing Service?

Resonate Recordings has a reliable track record, having worked with several shows. Like Castos, their prices are fair but not the cheapest.

5. Lower Street

Lower Street

Lower Street is a small remote team of audio engineers, producers, and content marketers that grew from a one-person team run by Harry Morton. They currently serve a vast clientele, including startups and enterprise companies looking for audio editing that is “great, not good.”

While editing podcasts is their primary service offering, Lower Street is a full-scale podcast production company with a plethora of additional pre-production, production, and post-production services. As they put it, “It doesn’t stop at audio editing.”

Services Include:

  • Clean up audio
  • Content and structure editing
  • Intros, ads, and Outros
  • Mix audio
  • Write show notes
  • Publish podcast
  • Schedule guests
  • Interview script writing
  • Sound design
  • Marketing material


Lower Street does not openly advertise its pricing structure. You’ll have to contact them with your unique needs for a quote.

What Makes Lower Street a Top Audio Editing Service?

The podcast editors at Lower Street understand the need for quality in every podcast production stage. They go beyond audio editing to help facilitate podcast distribution and marketing strategies.

6. Podigy


Podigy houses a team of dedicated podcast editors who employ the latest tech and practices to reduce noise, take out unnecessary sound/silence, enhance your sound quality, mix the episode, and write show notes.

As one of the best podcast editing services, Podigy guarantees professional sound quality and customer service to give you peace of mind. They piece everything together and deliver a polished podcast ready for your audience’s ears. And if you want, they can even take the publishing task off your hands.

Services Include:

  • Equipment setup
  • Branding consultation
  • Audio editing for individual tracks
  • Show notes and transcription
  • Podcast hosting
  • Intro, ads, and outro
  • Uploading to your hosting service


“Basic Podcast Editing” at $249 per episode or $5,999 for “Advanced Podcast Editing.”

What Makes Podigy a Top Audio Editing Service?

Podigy is a good option for independent podcasters and corporate/B2B podcasts who want someone to hold their hand throughout the podcast-producing process. You also get to enjoy unquestionable quality every time. However, the pricing can be a major turn-off for most podcasters who don’t have the budget to spend up to $1350 per episode.

7. Podcast Fast Track

Podcast Fast Track

Podcast Fast Track offers exactly what you would expect from one of the best podcast editing services: quality podcast production that sets you apart in the industry. In particular, they claim to focus on achieving quality, enjoyment, and comprehension with each edit.

On top of their podcast production services, Podcast Fast Track gives you the option of podcast consulting, custom music, cover art, voiceovers, and video editing at a price.

Services Include:

  • Cleaning up audio
  • Mixing
  • Sound leveling and optimization
  • Uploading to your media host


Podcast editing services are priced at $150 — with show notes costing you another $150.

What Makes Podcast Fast Track a Top Audio Editing Service?

Podcast Fast Track is all about saving you time (it’s in their name). They take a personalized approach to ensure they get your authentic message across. On the flip side, their pricing is on the higher side at $150 per episode, and their interface could use some polishing.

8. ScrubCast


ScrubCast brands itself as a podcast production company that takes “the frustrations out of podcast editing.” Instead, they help you “get more listeners, better audio quality, and much more.” Based on reviews, the team lives up to its promises, which is why it earned a spot on this list of the best podcast editing services.
Interestingly, ScrubCast edits your first episode for free as a way for you to sample what you’ll be getting. Optional services include artwork for each episode, audio transcription, and scheduling.

Services Include:

  • Mistakes removal
  • Complete audio editing
  • Add intros, outros, Ads, and section breaks
  • Master your audio (compression, EQs, etc.)
  • Export and ID3 tag edited MP3 file
  • Upload podcast to hosting provider
  • Production advice
  • Episode artwork


ScrubCast has two pricing structures. You can either pay as you go at $120 per episode or subscribe to a monthly plan of 4 episodes at $440.

What Makes ScrubCast a Top Audio Editing Service?

If you’re a beginner and you’ve never used podcast editing services before, ScrubCast is a great option. The free option gives you a taste of what podcast engineers have to offer in terms of professional sound quality. Though the pricing after the free episode is rather hefty.

9. We Edit Podcasts

We Edit Podcasts

This female-led podcast editing company does exactly what its name implies. And the edit podcasts well enough to rank as one of the best podcast editing services.
We Edit Podcasts is a popular company founded in 2015 by Carli van Heerden. Since then, it has grown into a team of over 65 podcast editors, content and show notes writers, marketers, and designers. They’ve achieved their success by offering high-quality podcast editing services and resources to make podcast-producing tasks as seamless as possible.

Services Include:

  • Audio editing
  • Show notes
  • Transcription
  • Video editing
  • Launch packages
  • Artwork and marketing assets
  • Voice overs


We Edit Podcasts offers a price estimator that calculates your price range based on your specific needs. The estimated subscription price is $100-$415 per episode. Full podcast launch services cost nearly $4,000.

What Makes We Edit Podcasts a Top Audio Editing Service?

Although they’re relatively expensive, We Edit Podcasts is a good option for both beginners and seasoned creators, thanks to their mission of giving podcasters back their time.

10. Sonics

Unlike other podcast editing services here, Sonics is run by one person, Alex Kontis, based in the UK. The self-proclaimed audio fanatic has been working collaboratively with a limited number of podcasters since 2015 with the goal of telling their stories through audio.

Services Include:

  • Conceptualizing your podcast
  • Cleaning audio
  • Add mentioned links to show notes.
  • Episode scheduling


According to Alex, pricing varies depending on your podcast. For example, a 60–90-minute interview with 2 speakers is priced at £150, while a solo podcast episode up to 20 minutes can be as low as £55.

What Makes Sonics a Top Audio Editing Service?

Sonics has a solid track record of top-notch podcast-producing services at an affordable rate, as evidenced by some of the reviews. However, working with a single podcast editor raises questions regarding consistent dependability. You might occasionally come across a “I’m currently fully booked for editing and production work” message.

11. Pro Podcast Solutions

Pro Podcast Solutions

Pro Podcast Solutions was launched in 2008 when podcasts were still a novel idea. Fifteen years later, the company still ranks as one of the best podcast editing services—a testament to their exemplary work in the industry.

As expected, the podcast production company helps you sound like a professional and gives you time to focus on what you do best. They take the following podcast-producing activities off your plate:

Services Include:

  • Professional podcast editing
  • Episode artwork designs
  • Mix in intros, ads, and outros
  • Write show notes
  • ID3 tagging
  • Website configuration
  • Launch packages
  • Episode publishing


Pro Podcast Solutions’ pricing model is structured into several tiers. The Starter plan is set at $97 per episode, the Starter Plus plan at $187 per episode, the Pro plan at $177, and the Pro Plus plan goes for $267 per episode. There are additional services such as Audiograms, marketing images, RSS setup and repair, consulting, and launch packages at an extra cost.

What Makes Pro Podcast Solutions a Top Audio Editing Service?

Extensive experience in editing podcasts is a given with Pro Podcast Solutions. This means you can rest easy knowing your podcast is in the hands of a podcast production company that has managed to stay relevant for over a decade.

12. Podcast Engineers

Podcast Engineers

We cap off our list of the best podcast editing services with Podcast Engineers—a team of professional podcast editors that want to make podcasting fun and easy. Founded in 2013, the podcast production company has helped hundreds of podcasters consistently create carefully-curated and high-quality shows.

Services Include:

  • Professional audio editing up to 60 minutes per episode
  • ID3 metadata tagging
  • Scheduling and publishing
  • Planning and consultation
  • In addition to editing podcasts, Podcast Engineers also handle video editing, artwork design, show notes, transcription, and website design.


Their podcast production services start at $249 per month (up to 4 episodes), while the full package is priced at $995 per month.

What Makes Podcast Engineers a Top Audio Editing Service?

Podcast Engineers’ podcast production services are streamlined to ensure every podcaster can deliver top-notch sound quality regardless of experience or expertise.

Find Your Pick Among the Best Podcast Editing Services.

Podcasting is an alluring industry destined for the moon. B2B podcasting offers a long list of benefits, including lead generation, increased audience engagement, networking, and authority building. This means starting a business podcast and investing in its growth is a no-brainer.

And if you’ve got great ideas for compelling content, keep in mind that editing podcasts can be highly technical. It is part art and part science—and turning raw audio into a compelling listening experience demands a keen ear and sometimes a creative mind.
The right editing transforms a good recording into a great one. Luckily, there are experts who can help you execute and realize your ambitions fast and efficiently. Hiring a podcast production service gives you better chances of succeeding and claiming a share of the lucrative podcasting pie.

The best podcast editing services mentioned above guarantee high-quality sound, technical support, and consistency. This helps you save valuable time and catalyze your growth.

If you choose to go with PodcastBuffs (*and we hope you do), find comfort and assurance in the promise that your podcast is in good hands. Our expert audio engineers will keenly listen to your conversations and remove everything that’s unwanted–and instead enhance the desirable qualities that will make listeners love your content. If you need more convincing, sample our services with a 30% discount on your first order.

Got any questions on how to edit podcasts or how we can help you deliver crisp, clear, and professional sound? Give me a call. I’m always happy to help. ????

This lesson concludes Module 4 of the “Podcasting Mastered” course. By now, you should be well-versed in creating a great intro and outro for your episodes, DIY editing, and writing show notes that keep your audience engaged while attracting new listeners. And even if you don’t have the time, know-how, or resources to handle your podcast post-production workflow, you have great options for outsourcing.

Don’t know where to begin? Get started with our free B2B Podcasting course.


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