Do you ever feel like your podcast is getting stale? 

Like you’ve asked all the questions you can think of, and your audience is starting to tune out?

Here’s a list of podcast questions that will help engage your listeners and keep things fresh. Whether you’re looking for ideas for new episodes or just want to mix up the way you ask your current questions, these will get the job done. So fire up those microphones, and let’s get started!

There must be a mix of questions when drafting a podcast questions list. It includes all kinds like personal ones, guest’s profession, podcast related questions and others..

1. Personal Questions

Personal Questions​

Some choices for the personal questions may include the following:


  • Who is the most important person in your life? Can you share why that person is important?
  • How did you meet your spouse?
  • What is the most memorable day in your life?
  • Do you have such events that made you the happiest in life?
  • What is the one thing that you would like to change about yourself?
  • What is one of the best compliments that you have got in life?
  • If you get a chance to go 10 years back in life, what is that one thing you would like to change?
  • What is your dream travel destination, and with whom would you want to go?


2. Specialization Questions

Specialization Questions

Depending upon the profession of your guest, these questions could be asked.

  • Do you think you have always done justice to your profession?
  • Can you share your success story?
  • Have you ever seen a failure in your career? If yes, how did you cope with it?
  • What tips do you follow to manage your work and personal life?
  • Is there something that has influenced you the most to attain a position in your career?
  • Where do you see yourself in your career after 10 years?
  • Have you met your professional expectations yet?
  • What is the biggest challenge that you have faced at work?
  • What motivated you to join this profession of yours?
  • What kind of a person are you at work? Do you prefer teamwork or individual work?

3. Closer Questions

Closer Questions

  • What is your favorite food that you can cook on your own?
  • Have you met someone who changed your life right away?
  • What kind of child have you been?
  • What traits of your personality are misunderstood by people usually?
  • Is there something that you are afraid of?
  • If you get a chance to spend $10 million, where would you spend them?
  • What was your favorite and least favorite subject at school?
  • What relationship advice can you give to the audience?


How To Come Up With the Best Podcast Questions?

Drafting good podcast questions is no big deal. There are a few tips that, if followed correctly, could allow you to bring some relevant questions for the podcast; some of these top things are discussed below:

1. Set Your Goal

It is normal to have a pre-set goal to carry out something, even if it is a podcast interview. You must know and ask yourself what the purpose of this interview is for you. What do you want to achieve at the end of this interview?

Some people carry out these interviews because they wish to know about the guest in question; they like to learn about their life. So, what you want to know should be clear in your mind beforehand. This will help you draft questions accordingly for the podcast interview.

2. Start Drafting Questions in Mind

When you set your goal for the podcast interview, relevant questions will start clicking in your mind. So, as soon as you have questions in mind, start writing them down. If your guest is a celebrity, you can draft questions regarding their latest show, movie, or song, depending on their profession.

Similarly, if you are interviewing a player, you can ask them about their latest match along with other personal questions that you would want to ask. Drafting questions will help you start with the questions you might have in mind and help you conduct a better interview.

3. Conduct a Research

It will help if you do some homework on your own before you finally start asking the podcast questions from your celebrity. Always research your guests. If you start searching on the internet, you will find numerous things about them.

The basic details of their likes and dislikes, some news that might have got them into the limelight, and their beliefs and practices. All these things must be looked for, and based on them, you can easily design the flow of your interview with them.

4. Connect with Perspective of Guest

To make your podcast interview successful, it is essential to connect with your guest. Always try to take and look at things from their perspective as well. For instance, sometimes, many guests are over for an interview because they have had a launch of a new movie, song, or book, depending upon their profession.

So, when you have such guests, try to design your podcast questions based on these things. This will allow a connection with your guest, making the interview more informative and exciting. Ask questions about the new launch, what they expected, and what they achieved.

5. Be Well Prepared

It is imperative to be prepared beforehand. Before your interview starts, always prepare and revise all the questions you have drafted. Also, keep room for new questions open as sometimes, during the conversation, some new things are discovered that make us have more podcast questions appearing instantly on our minds.

It is always suggested never to confine your questions to only pre-decided ones. Instead, welcome something new that would help you learn more about your guest.

A podcast interview will be a new experience for you; it is fun and learning both simultaneously. You must always look forward to choosing the best podcast questions by carrying out extensive research before the interview.

Always look forward to making the interview comfortable for your guests without going into the details they might not wish to share. Take your audience into the limelight when conversing with the guest and make it appear that your audience wishes to know and learn about the guest.

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