A lot goes into creating an awesome podcast, and software for audio recording is a massive part of that. The best quality podcast audio starts with choosing the right software.

Audio recording software captures vibration from a speaker and translates those vibrations into electrical signals. The signals are then played as audio files, such as waveforms (.wav) or MPEG-1 audio layers (.mp3). Audio files can be edited, uploaded onto podcast services, and embedded in other content.

While there is no perfect software for recording podcasts, there are plenty of options to suit your unique needs—whether you are a seasoned or a new podcaster.

10 of the Best Software for Recording Podcasts.

10 of the Best Software for Recording Podcasts
Producing a great show starts with equally great software for recording podcasts. We’ve scoured the internet and drawn inspiration from our personal experiences to unpack the following lists of the best software for recording podcasts:

1. SquadCast (Paid)


If you’re recording your podcast remotely, you can’t go wrong with SquadCast. We found it incredibly hard to identify any sliver of fault with SquadCast, which is why it easily earned a spot among the best software for recording podcasts. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise with the people behind the software describing themselves as “podcast fanatics.”

Simply put, SquadCast does what it’s supposed to do by paying attention to the finer details of podcast recording. Everything from the user experience to the studio-quality sound and reliability is top-notch. And SquadCast does all this in the most seamless and simple manner.

2. Anchor.fm (Free)


The all-in-one software is free, multiplatform, easy to use, and offers some useful features. While it is not the most powerful software for recording podcasts, Anchor.fm shines when it comes to ease of use and functionality.

These qualities make Anchor.fm a great option for beginners who are not well-conversant with the nuances of audio recording, but still want high-quality sound.

3. Podcastle (Paid)


If you’re looking for software that has it all, Podcastle is it. The podcast creation platform has everything you need to create a podcast from start to finish. You can change up your voice recordings, edit out noises and pauses, as well as tap into their library of royalty-free tunes and sound effects to embellish your content.

You can do all of this with a few clicks of your mouse. The software is particularly useful for podcasts with a lot of interviews with their web platform and iOS app that allows you to record remote multi-track interviews.

You will have a separate recording for each of your guests that you can compile into a single audio recording on one platform. Sounds excellent, doesn’t it?

4. GarageBand (Free)


GarageBand is an in-built software for audio recording and editing for macOS users. While it’s not specifically designed for podcasters, you can still use the software to record podcasts. GarageBand offers many features that make the software a fantastic choice.

There are plenty of different presets and other cool features that you can use to create an interesting audio profile. There is also an extensive library of sounds and Apple-style help from the Cupertino-based tech giant that you can use throughout the app.

5. Audacity (Free)


Audacity is one of the most comprehensive podcasting software options available for podcasters. The free software offers many features, like audio playback, editing, turning the volume up and down, making edits, and deleting audio.

The software is a multi-track recorder and editor compatible with iOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The software is particularly good for waveforms, podcasts, and other audio pieces. You can easily record interviews and compile them seamlessly into a single audio file for your podcast.

The interface is easy to navigate. You simply need to plug in a microphone, and you can begin recording immediately. You can record live audio and edit the sound files with ease. You can also add in soundtracks from your favorite podcast music library and edit all on the free software package.


6. Wavosaur (Free)


Wavosaur is free software with recording, editing, and processing available in one app. It’s easy to record and export the audio as WAV or mp3 files, with features to edit your audio. You can easily batch convert and analyze the audio with Wavosaur.

VST plugins, Asio drivers, multichannel WAV files, and real-time effect processing are a few examples of features that Wavosaur offers. And did we mention the program can be carried around on a USB Drive, which lets you edit on the go?

7. Ocenaudio (Free)


Ocenaudio is a fast and easy-to-navigate software for audio recording with editing features. The software supports VST effects, which means you can add as many sound effects to your library as you like and use the software’s native sound effects.

You can preview the effects in real-time while you listen and edit the control on your effect, helping you get the desired sound. The spectrogram features allow you to analyze the spectral content of your audio.

One of the major bonuses of the software is that it uses an advanced memory management system, making the editing process quicker and efficient after you have recorded.

8. Wavepad (Paid)


Wavepad is one of the best and most used programs that ensure audio is recorded perfectly. It is compatible with most audio formats, which makes it highly recommended for audio recording. WAV, MP3, vox, gsm, real audio, au, AIFF, FALC, and Ogg are just a few of the audio file formats on offer.

The software is used by professionals and offers several audio-enhancing capabilities, including editing, trimming, and cropping. There is a lot of control over the end product, helping you create high-quality audio.


9. TwistedWave (Paid)


TwistedWave is an online and free application for editing audio files. Although the software doesn’t offer multi-track recording, there are several usability features that make it an excellent choice. The software for audio recording has built-in features that make applying effects, normalizing audio, editing deleted sections and removing noise seamless. The software remains fast and efficient, even when working with big files.

10. Ardour


Ardour 6 is an open-source audio recording software that is compatible with nearly all operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. The software allows you to produce a podcast from recording to editing.

Ardour’s modern and intuitive interface is packed with advanced features to elevate your audio recording and editing. Some standout features of the podcast recording software include multi-track recording, MIDI editing capabilities, ripple edits, drag-n-drop audio editing, and a plethora of add-ons/plugins.



11. Adobe Audition (Paid)

Adobe Audition

Did we say 10 podcast recording software? Make that 11. We couldn’t leave out Adobe Audition—and for good reasons. Adobe Audition is as professional as they come.

It’s a paid service—beginning at $20 per month—and offers the option for professional, crisp, high-quality sound. The software offers noise reduction tools that are perfect for any audio recorded in an environment with a lot of background noise.

Multitrack recording allows you to set each speaker’s voice level to eliminate any uneven audio. The software works seamlessly with the other Adobe Suite software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

What Software for Audio Recording Should I Use?

What Software for Audio Recording Should I Use

Finding the best software for recording podcasts is a process that may take some experimenting. But you don’t have to go through grueling trial and error to land on a good fit for your podcast creation needs.

The list above highlights some of the best options in the market. Now simply narrow down the list further to one or two options by factoring in your unique needs.

For example, if budget is a concern and a free podcast recording software would go a long way in your podcasting ambitions, consider Audacity for Windows or GarageBand for Mac. But if your focus is solely on functionality and professional audio recording rather than the cost, Adobe Audition for Windows and Mac is a great paid option.

If you want beginner-friendly software, Anchor.fm is worth a look. And for those of you in need of software to record podcasts remotely, give SquadCast a shot.