Having trouble coming up with fresh podcast topic ideas? Interesting and valuable content is key to running a successful B2B podcast. Continually developing great ideas for podcast topics attracts new listeners and keeps loyal listeners engaged. 

But churning out high-quality episodes every month or every week can be tedious. And sometimes writer’s block hits, and the ideas dry up. If you’re not proactive, podfade may creep in. 

When the pressure is overwhelming, and you feel stuck regarding ideas for podcast topics, having a good brainstorming system in place can rekindle your creativity. And with B2B podcasting, there are near-endless podcast topic ideas that you can explore as long as you know how and where to look. 

Let’s dive into some strategies to come up with podcast topics that will resonate with your audience. We will also suggest a couple of podcast ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

What Is a Good Podcast Topic?

What Is a Good Podcast Topic

Before we start digging for topics for a podcast, we must first identify what makes a good podcast topic. Why? 

Well, according to podcast search engine Listen Notes, more than 132 million podcast episodess are available in the over 2.5 million podcast shows out there. This shows that there is competition in the B2B podcasting world and figuring out a topic that makes your show stand out is crucial.

Number of Podcast Shows and Episodes

But don’t let the competition scare you; statistics also suggest that the podcasting industry is fairly open-ended and is only 0.1% of the total amount of blogs on the internet today. This shows that you still have a chance to stand out and make your mark—riding on a stream of captivating podcast topics. 

So what makes a good podcast topic? For starters, it must be something that holds your audience’s attention. You must find podcast topic ideas that hook and stick with the target listeners to keep drawing them in from one episode to the next. 

It’s all about telling a narrative that touches people emotionally—whether that’s tapping into your audience’s sense of hope, suspense, sadness, or happiness.

How to Come Up with Topics for a Podcast?

How to Come Up with Topics for a Podcast

You’re probably itching for clear-cut podcast topic ideas to implement right away. We’ll get to that. But first, you may want to know how to brainstorm and create awesome discussion topics in your niche.

Here are six questions to get your gears turning in your quest to find fresh topics for a podcast:

1. What Is My Expertise?

Creating content is about adding value, so how can you do that for your audience? Before you decide on topics for your podcast, consider defining the expertise you want to share with your audience. Make a note of all the things you are knowledgeable or experienced in that you can share.

2. What Are My Passions?

What Are My Passions

What are your passions, and how can you share them with the world? Now, you don’t need to be practical when writing down what passions you want to share with the world.

There are podcasts out there about interesting topics you’ve never thought of, so there is no limit to the amount of inspiration and creativity one can use when developing your B2B podcasting ideas.

Finding a combination that hits the sweet spot between your passions and expertise is where you will happen upon the best podcast topic ideas. This almost guarantees that whatever you put out is enjoyable for you as the host and valuable to your target listeners.

3. Who Is Your Audience?

Who Is Your Audience

As important as creating a podcast around your passions and expertise is, you are ultimately developing content for your audience, not yourself. How will your podcast address the needs of your audience? Entertainment or expert advice are all valid problems that people want to solve with a podcast.

If you are looking at a more niche topic, you should research the questions your potential audience is looking for answers to. Explore platforms like Quora, Reddit, or good ol’ Google Search to get inside the heads of your listeners and create podcast topics that speak to them.

Or just take a direct approach and ask your audience what they’d like to hear.

4. What is Out There?

An easy way to go about brainstorming podcast ideas is to get a feel of what’s out there. You can listen to a few of your favorite podcasts and take inspiration from the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that lure and keep you coming back for more.

Or, for a more espionage-like approach, scope out your competition. Take note of the podcast topics their audiences love and figure out how to add your own twist on a hot topic.

But remember, you don’t always have to look outside for inspiration. Sometimes you’re your own competition. Are there any old episodes you can add value to? Explore those!

5. How Is Your Podcast Unique?

There are plenty of podcasts already available that people listen to every day. The most popular podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify are the ones that offer something unique to their listeners.

Focus on unique ways to tell a story and how you can answer the specific needs of your audiences. The ones you want to focus on are sticky topics that keep people coming back for more.

15 B2B Podcasting Topic Ideas

15 B2B Podcasting Topic Ideas

Coming up with interesting B2B podcasting topics can feel intimidating and laborious. But don’t worry; we have a few podcast topics to jump-start and inspire your creativity.

By customizing one or more of these podcast ideas, you should be able to create topics that will fill your podcast’s editorial calendar for a while.

  1. Explore the behind-the-scenes or little-known side of your industry
  2. Run a documentary-style study of your workplace or business community. Consider interviewing your bosses, employees, or other stakeholders.
  3. Take a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of a topic that resonates with you and your audience
  4. Highlight a day in the life of someone in a profession of interest.
  5. Create a how-to podcast that tackles topics from all kinds of directions.
  6. Cover book recommendation in line with your industry.
  7. Share a quote (motivation, business, etc.) and analyze it.
  8. Offer casual advice that tackles problems your listeners face. You can invite an expert guest for diverse opinions.
  9. Discuss a popular topic from a new perspective.
  10. Cover time-based topics. Maybe around the seasons, weekends, holidays, morning hours, etc.
  11. Help people hone their organizational skills for a better life and work outcomes.
  12. Break down a complex topic in your industry and condense it into a few minutes worth of audio content.
  13. Ask followers to send in questions and invite guests to answer those that pertain to their areas of expertise.
  14. Business tips or hacks are always welcomed and value-packed topics.
  15. Point out the latest tech news—whether that’s innovative solutions or risk issues to be aware of.

Now, Get Creative!

Now, Get Creative

There are unlimited ideas for podcasts because audiences are always looking for something new and interesting.

We’ve laid the groundwork to get your gears turning. Now it’s up to you to unleash your inner creativity and brainstorm a podcast show that will captivate your audience’s attention.

All the best! ????????