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The secret is out. It’s widely known that podcasts are valuable resources and means of communication for businesses, internet personalities, brands, and so much more. And if you listen to any of the most successful podcasts, you’ll find a catchy intro to each episode that hooks your attention.

Podcasts might be a new industry, but the trend has caught on fast. They are listened to by millions of people all over the world and are easy to make with free software and minimal startup costs.

The average person will consume 8 hours of media every day. Podcasts are easy for people to consume, and there is a huge demand for new content every day.

How many podcast episodes are there

But despite there being very high demand, there is also enormous competition in the industry. There are over 65 million podcast episodes available on the internet. This should give you a good idea of how competitive this niche is.

It is so important to have something that hooks your listener’s attention. The easiest way to achieve this is with a podcast intro script.

Great content is a must, but an intro script will help you brand your podcast, capture your listener’s attention, and keep them tuned in. The first 5 minutes of your podcasts are when your listeners will decide whether they want to keep listening or not. If you’re not hooking people right off the bat, you will lose listeners.

Let’s dive into everything podcast intro scripts.

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What Does a Killer Podcast Intro Sound like?

What Does a Killer Podcast Intro Sound like

Capturing your listener in the first five minutes is easy with a great podcast intro script. You can pre-record your intro or use a script every time you record an episode.

But how exactly do you write one of those? You know, something catchy that gives listeners a taste of your content?

There are a few key ingredients to keep in mind. Your podcast intro should tell your readers :

  • Who you are?
  • What your podcast is all about?
  • and most importantly, a teaser for why they should listen to the entire episode.

Here’s the thing, blog posts, Instagram captions, and emails allow people to skip to the end and get the essentials from the content.

With a podcast, you have to tell people what is valuable about the podcast before diving into the nitty-gritty of the episode. There is a fine balance to creating a great podcast intro. So here’s a handy formula to follow for each episode.

  1. Name of your show.
  2. Name of the host(s).
  3. A short and quippy description of the show.
  4. Why should your reader listen to THIS podcast?
  5. Set the tone for the entire show.

How Long Should your Podcast Intro be?

There is no set rule for how long your podcast intro should be. I say that short and punchy is always best. But more established podcasts can get away with a longer intro.

You already know that your podcasts pack a powerful punch of value for your listeners; the key is to convince them in the first few minutes. Try to keep the intro to under a minute.

You want to capture your reader’s attention without skipping a beat on getting to the point of the episode. You can also include a sponsor for the show and mention who the podcast is for in your intro.

Using an intro script will tap into your creativity and prevent you from rambling at the beginning of your podcast. Getting right to the point will hook your listening attention right off the bat.

Why you Should Add Music to Your Podcast Intro?

Why you should add music to your podcast intro

Let’s not forget one important part of the recipe to creating a great podcast intro: music. Whether you pre-record an intro or use a script when you record an episode, your audience will need something to emotionally connect to in the first few minutes of your podcast episode.

Music is one of the easiest ways to achieve that.

The music grabs your audience’s attention. Playing it in the background of your intro laser focuses their attention on the important parts of your introduction, tapping into their subconscious with the power of sound.

Not sold on the idea of laying a track behind your intro? Let me let you in on a podcasting hack: adding background music to your intro will make your audio have a higher quality impression on your audience.

There are plenty of resources to find great royalty-free music to use in your podcast intro. Our favorites are Pixabay, Mixkit and Envato.

Killer Podcast Intro Scripts Template.

Killer Podcast Intro Scripts Template

Need some help coming up with a great intro? Use this template that we’ve developed to get you started.

Hey, what’s up everybody! It’s _______ from _______ and you’re listening to the _______ podcast, your favorite podcast for everything [explain the purpose of your show] for people who love _______.

Today, we’re talking about _______ with [guest name], who [explain why your guest is an expert on the topic]. We will be talking about [the episode topic: include a teaser to hook listeners]. [Guest name], we’re so excited to have you on the show!

This template covers the basics and can get you started on your own podcast intro. Once you’ve done that, you can start experimenting and creating something uniquely yours that represents where you’re going with your podcast.

Examples of Great Intro Scripts, from Real Podcasts.

Let’s look at a few examples of great intro scripts that can jog your brain to produce something unique and impactful.

1. Innovation Storytellers.

The Innovation Storytellers podcast is one of the podcasts that we produce at Podcast Buffs. The intro script for the podcast is detailed and lays out exactly what the value of the podcast is, who it’s for, and why the audience will find it valuable. 

The host, Susan Lindner, runs through the script and introduces her guests for each episode in detail before moving on to the innovative stories the intro promises.

Here’s their intro script:

“Great Innovation stories make change possible. Each week on the Innovation Storytellers podcast, I invite innovation leaders to share how they overcame the obstacles to introduce breakthrough ideas to the world through the power of story. I’m featuring guests from Tesla, TD Ameritrade, Cornings, Cisco, Bloomberg, and so many more. Listen in to learn how you can tell a more effective innovation story and change the future for the better. Hey everybody, it’s Susan Lindner; I’m your host of Innovation Storyteller.”

2. Call Your Girlfriend.

Call your girlfriend - podcast intro script example

While Innovative Storytellers takes a detailed approach to the introduction, the Call Your Girlfriend podcast keeps the intro to their episode short and sweet. The hosts jump straight into the episode after the short introduction.

“Welcome to Call Your Girlfriend. A podcast for long-distance besties everywhere. I’m Aminatou Sow. And I’m Ann Friedmans. And I’m executive producer Gina Delvac”.

3. The Joe Rogan Experience.

The Joe Rogan Experience - podcast intro script example

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most recognized podcasts around the world. While they could use this fact to use a long intro script, the intro to the show is just a few short lines. Host Joe Rogan jumps right into the 2-hour podcast while sipping whiskey and smoking cigars with his guests.

Rogan dives into introducing guests and sponsors with a conversational style of podcasting.

“The Joe Rogan Podcast, check it out! The Joe Rogan Experience. Train by day, the Joe Rogan Podcast by night, all day.”

Should I Hire a Voice Actor to Record My Podcast Intro?

Should I hire a voice actor to record my podcast intro

Hiring a professional to tape your podcast intro is a topic of hot debate in the podcasting world. And this depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your podcast. If your podcast represents a brand, then yes, it makes sense for you to record your podcast intro with a voice-over artist.

But for most podcast hosts, your voice is an integral part of your podcast as people tune in to get to know you. Using your voice to record your intro, introduce yourself and say hello to your guests can be a great way to stand out from the podcasting crowd.

My best piece of advice on writing a killer podcast intro is to make it your own. There are some essential “rules” to follow. But there are so many ways to express your creativity and flair with the intro to your podcast. It’s up to you how you want to get in touch with your audiences with your podcast intro.

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