Motion Agency Co-Founder Shares his Strategies to Leveraging the Power of Podcasts to Get New B2B Clients

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Growth Loops Podcast Episode 1

Did you know that around 55% of the overall US population tune in to listen to a podcast—with more than 8 in every 10 listeners spending more than 7 hours listening to podcasts every week? And according to marketing statistics, podcasts positively influence the buying decisions of approximately 54% of listeners. While the power of podcasts as a business marketing tool is clear cut; harnessing this power is a whole ‘nother issue.

In the first episode of The Growth Loops Podcast, Praveen Telu hosts Justin Brown co-founder of Motion Agency to discuss some strategies you can use to acquire new clients through podcasting.

From doing radio in college, Justin now runs a podcast agency that helps B2B tech businesses launch optimized podcasts for increased demand. “As a content agency we not only put together all the content that comes out of your B2B podcast but also set up your strategy to use it as a demand generation tool…we help companies develop an outreach program of people they are going to reach out to…and the distribution strategy” (Justin 01:45).

Some key points highlighted in the podcast include:

  • Marketing strategies used by Motion Agency: “Can you take us through the strategies [marketing] that you guys have started and implemented?” (Praveen, 03:19) According to Justin, the best strategy Motion Agency ever implemented and the reason they transitioned into the organization they are is podcasting, which is why they believe so much in what they do.
  • Why podcasting is a great strategy to land new enterprise clients: Ever thought; If somebody could just listen to me, or talk to me, they would know that I’m different? Well, this is a pain point that Justin experienced early in his entrepreneurial career. Solution? To quote him, “[Podcasting] gives you that first conversation; your chance to talk to somebody.” (07:24)
  • Overcoming Podfade: “Podcasts are very easy to launch – you just hit record. The actual execution of it within the B2B space, having consistency, good branding, and actual real results is what helps differentiate us and what we bring to the table.” (Justin, 2:34)
  • Short-term and long-term processes to generate leads and convert enterprise clients into subscribers. (16:00)

Listen to the full episode as Justin goes into the nitty-gritty of his marketing strategies.

Resources from Episode 1 of The Growth Loop Podcast: