How Robin Built a $50,000 MRR Productized Service Business in 4 Months

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Growth Loops Podcast Episode 3

In this “Growth Loops” interview series, we’re going to dive deep into the story of Robin Vander Heyden, founder of ManyPixels – an unlimited productized graphic design service.

Learn how Robin grew Manypixels into a $50,000 MRR business in just 4 months, the challenges he faced and how he overcame them.

Here’re the questions Robin answered (in-detail) in the interview:

Who’s Robin Vander Heyden and what is ManyPixels?

  1. Why Robin started a productized service business?
  2. What’s the story behind the company? and where is it now? (revenue, team, location, etc.)
  3. How did he get his first 10 customers for ManyPixels?
  4. What marketing strategies have worked the best and worst for ManyPixels?
  5. ManyPixels initially started with a $99/month pricing plan, but it’s currently at $399/month. Why Robin made that change?
  6. What’s his biggest challenge in growing the company?
  7. How did he manage ManyPixels’ operations?
  8. What are his biggest mistakes and how did he overcame them and the lessons he learned?
  9. Some good decisions he took that helped the company grow?
  10. What’s the future for ManyPixels? (product, traffic, revenue, personal goals) and how does he plan to accomplish them?
  11. What’s the 1 thing Robin wished he knew during the initial stages of Manypixels?
  12. What’s the #1 tip he can give to someone who wants to start a productized service business?
  13. How can you (the reader) reach out to Robin?

Enjoy the show!

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